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Back-to-Back Cruises from NY to Quebec City

By Thomas Sheridan

It's difficult to find the location of the cruise ship dock relative to tourist sites and public transit. The solution is to create maps and combine them with photos, public transit routes, and links to the best websites. Tom's website, is uniquely useful for self-guided touring from a cruise port. And it's FREE.


Back-to-Back cruises are available in most locations, but they’re often overlooked. “Why pay twice the cost and spend twice the time to visit the same ports?” If you dig deeper, you’ll discover that some Back-to-Back cruises offer unique value such as a cruise from New York to Quebec City to New York.

Cruise ships dock for three days at Quebec City = a bonus, free vacation in the city:

• Your hotel is on the ship, avoiding $ 100-200/night for a hotel in the city.

• Meals are free on the ship. Only pay for the meals you choose to take in the city.

• You can walk to many locations from the ship.

• Public transportation is excellent and inexpensive e. g., $ 2 CAD/ride on the Econobus.

• Rent a car and park it next to the ship overnight. In three days, we drove 800 miles exploring the Quebec City area, Ile d’Orleans, Baie St Paul, and the fjord at Saguenay.

Save money on air fare to/from New York vs. more expensive air fare to/from Quebec City:

If your home is in Fort Lauderdale, cost of a flight to NY is $ 93 vs. $ 217 to Quebec City.

The ships are never full – LOW COST cruises are available:

Cruise lines understate the value of cruising to New England and Canada citing the only advantage is to see “Fall Tree Colors”. This attracts passengers from California, but it turns off the 20 million residents in the northeast who can see “Fall Tree Colors” near their home.

Cruise lines drop prices for last minute bookings to fill the ship. This is an advantage for the millions of people who live near New York because they can drive, ride a bus, or take a train to the port.

New England and Canadian Ports are some of the best cruising destinations in the world:

Each port is unique offering a wide range of things to see and do. The only thing in common for all the ports is that they are clean and safe. The tough decision is to narrow your choice to the few things you can do while your ship is in port. Here’s a list of some of the popular excursions:
• Newport – take bus 67 ($ 6) to the mansions and cliff walk, tour historic buildings, shop in the town, and have great seafood near the harbor.

• Boston – take a trolley ride to the historic sites, walk the Freedom Trail, take a harbor cruise, a bus tour to Lexington & Concord, shop, and have some great seafood.

• Bar Harbor is on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Explore Acadia by walking, or ride a bicycle, the free Island Explorer bus, Oli’s Trolley, a carriage, etc. Take a boat tour on a 90-ft schooner, a lobster boat, a whale watch boat or a naturalist tour to see eagles, seals, cliffs, etc., and have some great seafood.

• Saint John – walk the pedway that connects downtown businesses, restaurants, the museum, city market, etc. Visit the Reversing Rapids, St. Martins sea caves, or the amazing Hopewell Rocks to see the effect of the highest tides in the world sculpting rocks, and have some great seafood.

• Halifax – walk the town to visit museums, the park, or take a bus tour to Peggy’s Cove judged to be one of the most beautiful areas in America and have some great seafood.

• Charlottetown – walk the picturesque town or take a bus to visit Anne of Green Gables, the red sandstone cliffs in PEI National Park, the Confederation Bridge, etc. This is a great place to rent a car to explore the beautiful rolling hills, lakes, rivers, harbors, and have some great seafood.

• Sydney – you’ll need a tour or a car to explore this 4000 sq. mi. island with stunning forests, mountains, rugged Atlantic Coastline, to visit Cabot Trail, Baddeck, Highland Village, Fortress Louisbourg, and to have some great seafood.

• Quebec City – it’s like visiting the best city and countryside in France without having to cross the ocean. Walk the city or take the Econobus. You’ll need a bus or car to visit Montmorency Falls, St. Anne de Beaupre, Ile d’Orleans, Baie St. Paul, etc. Have some great French food and seafood.

I’ve cruised to these ports eight times and have published FREE guides for them on It’s unfortunate that cruise lines use a simplistic, diminished description of the value of these ports as a “Fall Color Cruise”. A better description of New England and Canadian cruise ports is “UNIQUE and OUTSTANDING”!!! THE END

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