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By Thomas Sheridan

It's difficult to find the location of the cruise ship dock relative to tourist sites and public transit. The solution is to create maps and combine them with photos, public transit routes, and links to the best websites. Tom's website, is uniquely useful for self-guided touring from a cruise port. And it's FREE.


Canadian cruise ports don’t get the visibility they deserve. They’re worth a closer look. Northeastern Canada has some of the most beautiful mountains, forests, rivers, and coves in the world. Most ports are in the downtown area with less than a ten-minute walk to town. The areas are clean and safe. Canadians are friendly. The US dollar is accepted. And the ports retain the rich history of their heritage.

Consider the following facts:

  • Saguenay QC has the 4th largest fjord in the world. It’s “Untouched, Unmatched, and Unforgettable,” certainly a match for Norway. Summer activities include hiking, kayaking, and an impressive venue of concerts and theatre. Winter sports are unequalled. Local craftsmen are world-class artisans producing artwork, glassware, hand-made clothing, etc. The cruise terminal is impressive, and you’ll receive the best welcome anywhere.
  • Sydney NS is the gateway to the 4000 square mile Cape Breton Island. It’s one of the most scenic islands in the world with rugged Atlantic coastline, mountains, coves, and drop-dead gorgeous fall tree colors. The rich Celtic history is preserved in small settlements and the world-famous Fortress Louisbourg is nearby. Bras d’Or saltwater lakes are popular, especially the Baddeck area made famous by Alexander Graham Bell’s research near his home.
  • Saint John NB has the highest tides in the world. The 55-foot tides sculpt the shoreline creating caves and unique rock formations. Saint John has an enclosed pedestrian walkway system connecting downtown tourist areas, entertainment centers, museums, restaurants, and shops. The walkway is climate controlled for comfort. More importantly, it’s an alternative to steep streets and climbing stairs because the pedestrian walkway has elevators and escalators.
  • Corner Brook NL is strategically located to explore Newfoundland’s famous mountains and water ways. The downtown area has a network of hiking trails and there are free buses from the port to five locations in the city. Cabs line up at the dock to take passengers on scenic drives along the shore at very reasonable, fixed pricing.
  • Charlottetown PEI has gentle rolling hills. It’s mostly farmland made famous by “Ann of Green Gables.” Ships dock downtown. Seafood and Prince Edward Island mussels are fantastic. This is a popular summer vacation area.
  • Halifax NS has a rich maritime history and was the closest major port to the Titanic. Be sure to visit the cemetery with grave markers lined up in the shape of a ship’s hull. Peggy’s cove is also a must see.
  • Quebec City is like going to France without having to cross the Atlantic. Ships dock in the harbor with an excellent view of Hotel Frontenac, high on a hill. It’s the most photographed hotel in the world. Quebec is the most beautiful cruise port I’ve seen. The city is very French and obviously has great food. Shopping is excellent, particularly for high end merchandise. I suspect many of the finer, high end items are made by craftsmen and artisans in Saguenay.

Each Canadian Port is unique, offering another dimension to your cruise vacation. This incredible variety of amazing cruise ports should make Canada one of the top cruise destinations in the world. Eventually, the tens of millions living in North Eastern US will discover Canadian ports and the convenience of short cruises from New York to New England and Canada.

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