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Monte Carlo and Monaco

By Thomas Sheridan

It's difficult to find the location of the cruise ship dock relative to tourist sites and public transit. The solution is to create maps and combine them with photos, public transit routes, and links to the best websites. Tom's website, is uniquely useful for self-guided touring from a cruise port. And it's FREE.


Monaco and Monte Carlo are built on the edge of a mountain with steep streets and stairs to the top of the 100-foot cliff. Unless you’re a physical fitness enthusiast, you’ll want to find the network of 33 elevators and escalators to easily walk from the cruise ship dock to the top of the mountain. Lifts (elevators) and travelators (escalators) are difficult to find because signage is designed to “blend in” rather than “stand out” and the elevators are “hidden” in parking garages. There are maps, but the entrances to elevators are not clearly shown. Furthermore, the official map fails to point out the location of elevators next to the cruise dock.

Finding the entrance to the train station can also be a problem because the station is “hidden” underground. On the first visit, many travelers can’t locate the lifts and waste a lot time and energy huffing and puffing up the mountain. To solve this problem, I’ve posted a FREE Monaco Port Guide on my website at

The guide includes:

  • Street-level photos showing turn by turn directions from the cruise dock to Monaco-Ville at the top of the mountain to visit the Oceanographic Museum, the Cathedral, and Palace without climbing a single step.
  • Location of bus stops near the cruise dock with detailed route maps to explore Monaco using the excellent public bus network.
  • Location of the “easy to find” entrance to the train station. The train station is generally not visible because it is underground.

Monaco is a wonderful port to explore on foot once you’ve deciphered the public transit system of lifts, travelators, and buses. And, it’s a gateway to the French Riviera to visit other tourist sites; namely, Eze, Villefranche-sur-Mer, Nice, Cannes, etc. Amazingly, the bus fare from Monaco to Nice is just 1 Euro! There is a lot to see, so plan ahead on how you will spend your limited time in port.

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