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Eat. Pray. Love and make a fortune

Republished from Success Code Club

What sets Elizabeth Gilbert, 44, aside from other authors, naturally, is that she’s well known in the world at large as the writer of “Eat, Pray, Love,” an account of her spiritual journey from depression to enlightenment spiced by its exotic locales.

The 2006 memoir sold millions of copies, spawned a production starring Julia Roberts and made Gilbert the unwitting guru to her mostly female fans.

To me, Eat Pray Love epitomizes life on a more prosaic level. I come from a culture where eating well is to celebrate life itself! Culinary adventures are something to look forward to and we do not need much excuse for cooking up a storm. My neighbourhood was multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual and the smell of exotic dishes wafted through the air almost year round.

So it was perhaps to be expected that on my travels, one of the first things that I look forward to is to explore the culinary tapestry that a new land has to offer. From sushi to burritos to tapas to roast duck right up to babi guling in Bali, I’ve never failed to appreciate the subtle cultural influences of each dish. This includes the degustation menus served in elegant Michelin starred restaurants from Antibes, France to Athens, Greece with their fusion dishes often inspired by Spanish, French, Japanese, and modernist cuisine touches. You could say that they were always the highlight of all our trips.

To describe them as religious experiences would be sacrilegious but they often came close.

This article is all about “love” or passion. For me, loving what you do is the key to success. I remember as a fresh young lawyer, my very first assignment was to split the Malaysia and Singapore Stock Exchange which was triggered by the 2 countries electing to go their separate ways. It was like being thrown into the deep end without knowing how to swim! Despite being a young man, I had to chair the Legal Committee filled with older and wiser heads. However, I loved the assignment and spent countless hours reading up on the law of consent and renunciation before meetings and had a quiet dinner celebration with my then girlfirend and now dear wife when the documentation was agreed upon, drawn up and executed.

I enjoyed legal practice so much, I never left the office before ten pm often working into the wee hours of the morning and promptly appearing in the office again the next morning! The practice was so successful, I ended up having the king of my country as a client. The early success enabled me to retire at the age of 28.

Even when it comes to blogging, the common thread that I have noticed with successful blogs is passion. Passion for what you are doing is what drives you to success. It’s never work when you love what you are doing. You got to love what you are doing or it’d become a chore.

You have to ask yourself what your passions in life are and how you can turn it into your life’s-work?

That is something I always tell my kids. Money should not come into the equation, but if you’re passionate about something and love doing it, somehow money will always follow! That is one of the ironies of life!

For me, I have a passion for helping others and I consider it my life’s work to help others succeed. That is something that I’d done all my life and it has always given me a high, when others succeed as a result of whatever little contribution I had made in their journey.

So whether we are thinking about beginning a home business, or simply considering what career trail to pick, it is important that we follow our passions. When we think of what is required to become successful in life and in our work, we customarily think about traits like values, talents, aspirations, intellect, discipline, endurance and luck. What many folks frequently fail to incorporate in this recipe for success is passion. The passion we have or do not have, for our work shouldn’t be undervalued. Occasionally this ingredient could make the most important difference of all.

Before we talk about passion and why it is so critical, we first ought to explore what the real meaning of success is a little bit farther. Success is generally presumed to be connected with huge amounts of wealth or a great amount of celebrity, but true success isn’t all about money. Success is, or at a minimum should be, basically outlined as an attainment of something desired. Therefore the most outstanding folks are those who achieve the things they most desire. What we need the most, rather more than money, is to be prideful of what we do with our lives. This is particularly so when it comes down to our work.

A very successful individual is one who is happy with the work he does.

That is the actual meaning of success. Now, having loads of money should not be the most important definition of success, but it is a fair goal to have. We all would like to have enough funds to sustain ourselves and our family. The thing is, if we are truly passionate about the work we do, there’s a great likelihood that fortune will follow. For me passion is the potent sense of enthusiasm everybody has within themselves. We’re all enthused and passionate about something, whether its finance, food or a fave sport. That enthusiasm is extremely powerful. When we mix it with our work, we are setting ourselves up well for achieving true success.

Why Enthusiasm Is so Significant

When we are positive and happy with the work we do, the better equipped we will be to beat the numerous hurdles that may certainly arise in the act of creating a business or moving up in a job.
Additionally, the more passion we have the more inclined we are to work harder at improving ourselves. This would enable us to steadily become better at the work we do. The better we get at our work, the better we will get paid for doing it.

Ensuring that we are passionate about our work won’t just give us with a good career; it will also give us a fair chance of being paid handsomely. The passion we have for our work can be critical difference between just making a living or making big money. Reach for the stars by WATCHING THIS VIDEO! THE END

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