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Explore. Dream. Discover and earn a fortune!

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It was Mark Twain who said: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

The above quote is responsible for many throwing the yoke of a humdrum existence or a soul sucking job off and focusing on what truly makes them happy! I know it did, for me.

I’ve traveled to over 300 cities worldwide and have enjoyed close to a dozen cruises ranging from 4.5 to 6 star ships. I’ve enjoyed exquisite cuisine including Kobe beef and lobster preceded by the most exotic cocktails and wines that money can buy and dined in Michelin 2-3 star restaurants all over the world. I estimate that I’ve spent more than $2.5 Million on my travels.

But how do you finance such a travel lifestyle? Without any doubt, many dream of having such a lifestyle but trying to live this kind of lifestyle would be irresponsible and impossible if you do not have the resources to finance it. This article examines how you can Explore, Dream and Discover as Mark Twain exhorted all to do, in a financially responsible way.

In truth, I’ve always felt that income is king! Net worth is a poor indicator of wealth and your ability to retire well. Capital is overrated. Just ask any sportsmen who’ve fallen on hard times after earning hundreds of millions of dollars in their lifetime and some lottery winners who go broke after striking tens of millions in the sweepstakes!

The secret is really cash-flow and a regular income even when you’re retired for whilst capital can be frittered away, regular income can continue to build up your capital and yet allow you to live the life of your dreams in the process!

In my view, the financial maxim “High risk equals high returns” is misleading dogma for it presupposes that everything that offers high returns is usually high risk. For instance, whilst bricks and mortar businesses have taken many decades, even up to a hundred years to build up fortunes and business empires, we’ve all seen young internet start-ups, rival and even overtake them and amazingly, doing so in a fraction of the time usually taken by the lumbering traditionalists!. You can see this happening all over the world! The start-up capital committed to these internet start-ups are usually minuscule compared to the billions often required by traditional industries to set up, say, an aluminium smelting plant! In reality, the relatively low capital risked against the potential returns of a digital business make them, in truth “low risk equals high return” propositions!

In researching internet marketing, with a view towards helping to drive traffic to this site, I stumbled upon an interesting internet marketing system that sells a simple product for $25 and yet had many of its participants earn staggering amounts relative to the amount invested, ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars a month! Of course, it was not guaranteed and not everyone made that kind of money for the successful ones were not typical – they worked very hard initially at least. Some of the successful ones were computer illiterate and yet were able to make a sizable regular income as the system had built-in an easy to follow step-by-step marketing process.

What really staggered me was this story of an internet marketer who pulled in over $700,000 in 28 days without having his own products to sell. Prior to this, he had failed so many times in network and multilevel marketing until he chanced upon the same internet marketing system mentioned above. Using the system which pays out a 100% commission, he was able to parlay it into one of the most devastating displays of the power of the net to make money without having vast amounts of capital at his disposal! To learn more about the system that he used, GOHERE

The brilliance of the system, in my view is the 100% commission system structure, which is heavily weighted in favor of the down-line. Instead of victimizing down-lines and relying merely on recruitment, of course, as the system grows, the ability of the original founders and up-lines to sell products grows too and they make millions in the process. The 100% commission system results in a healthy financial ecosystem with residual income for the buyers if they work hard. In my view, this system is the closest thing to a marketing SuccessCode!

I should know for I have spent millions starting a credit card corporation, a country club and a restaurant chain. What I found in those ventures is that the gestation for the businesses are rather long and you end up having a lot of mouths to feed. If, at the time of investing those millions on those 3 ventures, you had told me that I could make that kind of money with an initial investment of $25, I would have jumped at the $25 digital marketing opportunity! To learn more on this opportunity WATCH THIS VIDEO

It will be hard to argue that investing $25 for an internet marketing system for a chance to earn mega bucks is “high risk”! A disclaimer has to be inserted here though. The results mentioned above are not guaranteed and not typical. You have to be committed and prepared to work hard, at least for up to a year.

In the final analysis, whilst income is king, there is no doubt that residual income is the super-king! To learn more of this system, WATCH THIS VIDEO

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