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Full-time travel is possible

By Hank Poole, Contributing Editor

Travel Full Time on a Budget

When you first hear someone say that they want to travel full time what do you think? Crazy right! How could they even think they can afford to travel all the time?

The fact is that many people are finding all sorts of ways to lower the cost of full time travel so that they can hit the road and afford it. In the excerpt below you’ll see ideas that one person shares about how they traveled full time for one year.

Be debt-free

I’m lucky in that I am 100% debt-free. No mortgage, no car payments, no education loan, nada. The only installment package I had was for Brazilian wax but that’s paid off now and I still have a good year’s worth! I am kinda defaulting on my rent and utilities, but I’ve worked out an agreeable plan with my landlord (aka Mum).

Travel alone

Going solo, I can choose exactly when I travel. I can just check out Skyscanner and scan the entire month and pick the date with the lowest fare. Whereas, I’ve found that my more expensive trips have all been with friends -– because they can only travel during weekends, public holidays or peak periods – but of course, the extra that I pay, I pay for the wonderful companionship that can’t really be measured in dollars and sense. I mean cents, ahem.

Travel easy

I’m pretty easygoing when it comes to a lot of things travel-related. I can fly budget, I can sleep in 136-pax capsule dorms, and I can survive on a loaf of bread. I’ll shell out 500 bucks in one second on a skydive, but I can take a little so-called ‘hardship’ here and there when I need to. It helps if my traveling buddies are similarly aligned too; otherwise I find I usually end up paying a little more for hotel rooms and restaurants, which I suppose is a nice change every now and then.

Make friends

Sometimes I hang around a common area in a hostel and kinda scout for anyone who wants to be roomies with me so we can share a nice room. Also, there have been times when I’ve met amazing fellow travelers on the road who’ve had an extra bed or couch in their room (or some space on their extra big bed) and have let me crash at theirs for free (I mean, in exchange for my awesome company). – via Thought Catalog

Switch Out Expenses and Travel Full Time

There are many ways to approach full time travel. The couple in the excerpt below shows how they eliminated the expenses they normally have living in one location and were able to travel and afford it full time.

It takes some planning and learning some travel hacks but going on an adventure of full time travel just might be worth it!

It doesn’t seem possible, but it is completely true. Traveling 365 days every year is less expensive than traveling just five or ten or fifteen days per year. And the reason for that is simple: living at home requires a huge amount of overheard that doesn’t exist on the road.

If you don’t believe me, try it out for yourself. Tally up your five largest monthly expenses – such as rent/mortgage, car payment, state income taxes (by traveling full-time we get to choose our state of residency and ours, just so happens, doesn’t have an income tax) – and then multiply the total by 12. If you’re like most people in the U.S., the number you’ve calculated is somewhat greater than a realistic full-time travel budget.

When we first started planning to travel full-time, we cut our expenses as aggressively as we felt we could. As you can see on the title graph, we successfully cut our spending by a quarter. At the time, we didn’t think we could cut more without seriously impacting our quality of life. But a funny thing happened when we set out on the road: our spending fell by another quarter.
– via Everywhere Once

Have you ever considered traveling full time?

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