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Get the First Class Experience for Standard Price

By Sandy Hamilton, Contributing Editor

Travelling in first class is a wonderful experience and is often the envy of those in standard class. It is viewed as the epitome of stylish traveling and commonly reserved for the fortunate few. The truth is that these days even those on a moderate salary can get access to first class. You just have to seek out those rare discounted tickets.

In the past you would have to be in contact with a travel agent in order get access to information from all the different airlines. These days you can do the monitoring yourself and get alerted as soon as the airlines put up their empty first class seats for grabs at heavily discounted prices.

Just like those seats in coach class, which often go up for grabs in last minute deals, first class seats also need to be filled. The latter is not as easily available however because the offers often get snapped up by frequent flyer members and others who have registered for certain rewards programs.

One thing that you could do is to enquire about discount vouchers at the time of booking your tickets. Some booking agents will offer first class upgrade vouchers as a way to entice you to do more booking with them in the future. Of course this does not mean you are bound by contract to book there again, you simply get to take advantage of the offer to ride in first class.

In addition to that, it can be a good idea to subscribe to the newsletters and emails from the various airlines and online booking agents such as This is another way to get notification of any first class offers that are flying about. You will have to be prepared to act fast however, because these emails go out to a lot of other quick fingered travellers who would all like to travel in style. THE END

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