Getting the Cruise Deal of A Lifetime

By Tom Everett, Editor

The words “cheap” and “cruise” are not often associated with each other because most people just write these types of holidays off as too luxurious for their budgets. These days things have changed and it is now possible for almost anyone to get a cruise deal that will that will take them on the trip of a lifetime.

It’s Never Too Late

If you are over 55 then it is very likely that you will be able to find many discount fares available to you. You may already be aware of your senior citizen privileges and have been taking advantage of the many discounts available to you in day to day life. Many luxury liners also have similar types of discounts available to tempt you into spending your retirement money with them. Discounts that are upwards of 20% are often available.

Watch Out For Last Minute Offers

Cruise lines will always want to ensure that they set sail with a full ship. Of course they do not always achieve this and the closer it gets to the sailing deadline, the more heavily they will discount the tickets, sometimes up to 85% off! You can keep an eye on these offers via websites such as, and then grab a sweet last minute cruise deal as and when it comes up. Better still, subscribe to their newsletter so you can be notified of deals and offers without you having to constantly monitor the site.

It’s Always Better Together

If you are travelling as a group then you will more than likely be able to get some great prices on group discounts. Why not grab your friends and relatives to come along and enjoy this trip of a lifetime with you. Not only will you have some familiar faces with you on the trip, but the savings can often be quite significant over buying an individual ticket.

There are many different ways to uncover a cruise deal or two and these will definitely go a long way to making this luxury trip a lot more affordable and enjoyable. THE END

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