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How to get great car rental deals!

By Tom Everett, Editor

Getting great deals on your car rental can really help to drive down the overall cost of your holiday. There are many deals to be had, but it is not always easy to find these deals and in order to get the best rewards you need to be prepared to put in a little effort in the search. Be warned though, the best deals are very well hidden.

Start Big

The larger sites such as Travelaureate, Expedia, and Orbitz can often throw up some good deals on car rentals. You can be especially rewarded if you book a flight, hotel and car package. If nothing else they can provide a benchmark from which to work from when searching elsewhere.

Check Out The Aggregators

Aggregator sites such as, Travelaureate and Kayak are really hit and miss, but when they do have car rental deals they can be quite impressive. On these sites you can get a good snapshot of where the good deals are hiding. You can also narrow your search to suit your particular needs.

Coupons and Codes

You can often find special discount codes and coupons on various travel related sites that you can use when you are booking your vehicle to get a certain percentage off the price. Sites such as,, and will offer discount codes that you will find useful from time to time. You can also search online for codes specific to the major car rental firms by keying in things like “Avis promo code”.

Go Direct

You can often get the best rate when you head directly to the website of the car rental company after gathering the discount codes and noting the price range. Your discount codes will get you a certain percentage off the price, but it may be possible to negotiate a lower price if you saw a better deal elsewhere. If that is the case, it will not harm to get on the phone and bring it to the company’s attention to see what they can do to have you as a happy customer. THE END

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