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How to get the best Family Hotel Deals

By Olivia Poole, Contributing Editor

Traveling with the family has its rewards. However, these days there is no need to settle for the price of a family hotel room at first glance because with a little effort you can get some very good savings on some great rooms. Price comparison is becoming ever more of a mainstream activity and not just something practiced in the used car lot. It is a good skill to have and could well get you the best hotel rates on your travel. Here are 3 easy tips to help with your hotel room shopping.

Just Ask

This sounds very simple but you would be surprised how many people would not think of this one. You would also be surprised at how many times it would work to your advantage. There may be special offers for families running at the time of booking which were not advertised, and you shouldn’t always expect the person on the other side of the phone to be forthcoming with the specials. So do pipe up and ask whether they have special offers or promotions. They just might have something for you. That’s how I got a great deal at five star hotel in London.

Spend Some Time Online

The internet is probably the best place to compare hotels and see their best offers at a glance. Sites such as Travelaureate are great for this purpose. You can easily shop around and see which ones are offering the lowest rates. In addition to that you can also call one or two of them and pitch them against each other in a price matching war where your wallet ends up as the winner.

Be Flexible With Your Travel

If you are flexible on your travel dates and can head off with only a few days’ notice then you can probably get some of the best hotel rates going. Many hotels will offer rooms at a lower rate in order to fill any remaining rooms they might have at the last minute. Hotel room rates also vary widely depending on the day of the week you are traveling so flexibility could get you a good saving. THE END

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