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How To Make A Long Haul Flight A Little More Bearable

By Tom Everett, Editor

There are so many beautiful countries in the world and these days almost every one of them is accessible via the air. To access some of these countries however, you will have to endure the dreaded long haul flight. This often involves spending 15 hours or more trapped in the secure metal casings of a Boeing flight. Boredom, fatigue, dehydration, and the much feared deep-vein thrombosis are all things associated with long haul flights, but rather than avoiding these journeys altogether and missing out on a potential trip of a lifetime, there are some things that can be done to make such flights a lot more bearable.

Get Upgraded

One of the best things you can do is upgrade your seats to business or first class. Of course this option is not available to everyone, but it can make a world of difference to sit in the more comfortable seats, eat better meals, and enjoy the spaciousness. You should try to beg, steal, or borrow to get an upgrade, or just trade in your frequent flyer miles.

Try Some Sleeping Aids

Some people can just naturally pass a 15 hour flight in the blissful peacefulness of sleep. For some of us this does not come quite so easy though, and so a little extra help is required. There are many sleeping aids available both in natural and medicated form. Try a few different types of sleeping aids before you fly in order to ensure that they will work effectively when you need them.

Keep Yourself Busy

If you can’t sleep for the duration and you find boredom setting in then break out some work. This is a perfect time to get a few hours of relatively uninterrupted work down, free from emails and telephone calls so it could be your most productive two hours. When that fails then let Hollywood fill the rest of the time by sitting back with a movie or two. THE END

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