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How to shop for great hotel deals

By Olivia Poole, Contributing Editor

There is little doubt that when you are looking for great hotel deals, things often come down to a tradeoff between cost reduction and a fitting location.

The best way to save cash, especially in large cities, is frequently to live in the suburbs. It is important to work out all of these costs to make sure that you will actually be paying out a smaller amount on a less convenient hotel room.

However, many times you can actually save and yet stay in a hotel that exceeds your expectations. For instance, on a recent visit to Venice I’d already resolved to stay out of the islands in Venice, where the action is. The reason is that previous trips had taught me that staying on the islands near major tourist attractions such as San Marco square can cost you an arm and a leg. Worse, despite the steep prices that you pay, the hotels room are old and you often have to climb rickety stairs to get to your room. To add insult to injury, the walls are paper thin and you can almost hear every conversation coming from the adjacent rooms. It was also no fun having to lug our luggage over the many curved bridges that permeate Venice.

So I visited and found a room at the NH Laguna Palace in Mestre, Venice, which is a modern hotel of the kind that you’d find in Vegas with a private laguna. Despite some less than salubrious reviews, I found the ratings balanced out by others that found the hotel surprisingly good. I decided to take a chance that the negative reviews were posted by hard to please travelers and go with the positive reviews and I’m so glad I did! The room rates were reasonable at around 100 Euros, and the room was large and spacious which is a far cry from the postage stamp sized room in the islands in Venice. The savings on the room rate more than covered the cost of a return taxi ride to the Pizalle Roma where we caught a water taxi to Piazza San Marco. The hotel now offers free wifi which is something of a rarity in the hotels in Venice. Breakfast was more than decent and service was good. There’s also a hotel shuttle to the Marco Polo International Airport.

There are naturally a bunch of techniques to set aside money on hotels and motels without jeopardizing quality. For one thing, a membership in AAA or a related auto club, also lets you get lower costs on hotel rooms, as does army service and old age pensioner standing. When inquiring about a hotel bedroom, remember to ask about reductions that might be presented.

In addition, shopping early for a hotel bedroom can frequently yield the larger bargains. That’s because hotels continually reserve a block of minimal cost rooms and when there aren’t any more remaining then they’re gone. Thus the final room at a hotel could be a great deal more high-priced than the 1st. Receiving the best hotel room deal is constantly a case of timing. However, just as airlines and cruises abhor empty seats and cabins, hotelliers hate empty rooms. So sometimes,last minute bookings can also represent a bargain especially in the quiet months when hotels slash prices on the rooms to fill them up. Naturally receiving a good deal on a hotel will mean nothing if the place is an uninviting place.

Looking for a great value hotel shouldn’t mean staying at a hotel that’s mucky, poorly run or in an hazardous location. Luckily, finding a good budget hotel has been made a good deal less complicated with assistance from the Web. What used to require weeks or maybe months to analyze can now be done in a case of hours or maybe minutes. It is vital to research the area in which the hotel is situated also. Be sure to evaluate stuff like trattorias, security and attractions within a short distance of the hotel.

Online travel sites like Travelaureate can be particularly beneficial for travelers, especially those journeying to a new area for the 1st time. The sole proviso to contemplate when using such a site is its autonomy. Some comparison web sites include only properties that pay an advertising fee, so booking on such sites may not yield the best value! THE END

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