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Isle of Capri Travel Guide: Part 1

By Ross Williams Contributing Editor

The small and beautiful isle of Capri in Italy is renowned for being a playground for the rich and famous during the summer months. The crystal clear waters lap against the mass of limestone rock that sprouts from beneath the surface under the warm glow of the Mediterranean sunshine. The result is a postcard perfect holiday spot which attracts day-trippers from nearby Naples as well as VIPs from around the world in search of some summer sun.

On land the appeal continues as Capri is the typical Mediterranean spot, with a nice mixture of laid back cafés and cool piazzas. Intertwined with the modern laid back style of Capri are the rugged seascapes and Roman ruins, which give this part of Italy a whole unique identity. Designer boutiques and traditional Trattorias line the main areas of Capri, but behind the scenes, if you care to venture, is the revealingly rural side of Capri with ancient abandoned forts, and grand villas.

Getting to Capri

The closest international airport to Capri is located in Naples, the Naples International airport. A number of popular airlines serve this airport including British Airways, EasyJet, and XL Airways. How you get to Naples and which flight you arrive on will be dependent on where in the world you are coming from. It maybe that you will have to get a connection from Rome to Naples and this can be done fairly easily via the trains that run between Roma Termini and Napoli Centrale.

The journey from Naples to the Isle of Capri will need to be completed via water. Hydrofoils depart from the port of Ischia or Forio. The Hydrofoil will take around 40 minutes to go across to Capri and docks at the Marina Grande, which is located at the north side of the Island. There is also a daily ferry service that leaves directly from Naples at various times throughout the day. The cost for a single trip is approximately €16 and the journey takes the same amount of time as a hydrofoil from Ischia.

When you arrive at the Marina Grande you will be able to hop onto a funicular, which will take you up to Capri Town.

What to see and do in Capri

• Inside the Blue Grotto

The Isle of Capri may be small in comparison to other popular parts of Italy, but there are still plenty of beautiful sights to see and wonderful activities to get involved in. One of the top ranking things to do while in Capri is to take a trip to the Blue Grotto. This is a well-known sea cave that gets its name from the blue reflection created inside of the cave when the sun shines through the opening and reflects off the seawater. The opening itself is only big enough to allow a small boat to get access and this depends on the level of the tide. High tide will mean no access to the cave. There are passenger boats available for trips to the Blue Grotto at a cost of €9. If you then want to venture inside the Grotto you will be able to hire a small row boat for €12.50.

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