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London Hotel Deals

By Olivia Poole, Contributing Editor

A trip to London, one of the world’s most loved cities, can prove to be quite expensive if you are not careful. There is a diverse range of hotels available, but it is not always possible to find the more budget friendly ones among them. If you can overlook the well-publicized and usually more expensive options, then you are much more likely to be able to seek out the better London hotel deals.


Travelodge has grown over the years into a very popular hotel chain largely due to the fact that it offers clean and comfortable rooms, good quality service, and accommodation in convenient locations at very low prices. This is not always the first choice for visitors to the city, but there are Travelodge’s dotted all around the city that could cost a fraction of the price of many of London’s top hotels.

Lookout for Flash Sales

If you really must stay in the finest of accommodation then another way to benefit from London hotel deals is to look out for flash sales. From time to time hotels will run flash sales which may last a few hours to a day, and during this time room rates are drastically slashed. Trendy hotels such as the Hoxton have been known to offer rooms for as low as £29, while others have gone as low as £1. This does require you to be in the right place at the right time though, and have luck on your side.

Save Big Online

It is no secret that hotels often offer their best deal through the internet. You can monitor and book various hotels through websites such as to make the whole process a lot easier. These websites can often be the key to uncovering the best London hotel deals.

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