Visitors Guide

Paris - The City of Lights

By Bruno Versace

Paris – the City of Lights? If you are visiting Paris for the first time, and time is limited, then you should probably forget about going up the Tour Eiffel. Instead opt for the Arc de Triomphe. Many people think that going to Paris with out going to the Eiffel Tower is similar to a new barbie with out the frills. In truth, the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower is seriously not that great. It’s high priced, congested and the line to the elevators will take up to 1 hour! Taking the stairway is another option but the stairs stop halfway and with a lot more than 1700 steps, it is a thigh-burning exercise!

A far smarter alternative could be the Arc de Triomphe. It truly is more cost-effective, significantly less congested and offers an exceptional 360-degree view of the metropolis that is Paris, including a fantastic view of the Eiffel Tower itself.

Stay away from the river boat dinner rip-off

Bateau-Mouches are glass-topped, river boats that cruise the River Seine. They may be an excellent way to view Paris. But stay clear of those who offer you a meal along with the cruise. They may be great visitor draws but be warned that the food quality is below average and the cost absolutely preposterous.

Montmartre — What to do and what to avoid

Montmatre has long been associated with some of the world’s most well-known artists by Van Gogh to Picasso! It is easy to fathom why; it truly is wonderful and also quintessentially French, nevertheless go at the incorrect time and you may end up shuffling together cheek to jowl with the tourist throngs.

You ought to visit early on and if possible, on a weekday in the a.m. You’ll see local waiters preparing their tables and be able to check out the place without the massive crowds.

If you’re hungry, the tacky dining establishments close to the Sacre Coeur Cathedral, which usually serve rubbery pizza (at crazy prices) are to be avoided at all costs. Instead, go to the Rue Des Martyrs nearby. It is just about the prettiest avenues in Paris, covered along with lip smacking restaurants and dining places. For organic bread and pastries, try out the Rose Bakery.

Forget Hotel Set-Breakfasts

Although some people might prefer hotel breakfasts they are usually not worth it; most are a rip-off and the breakfast hall is usually dull with tables placed close to each other
An better alternative is always to head out to some Parisan cafe; most serve decent coffee and also croissants every morning. You’ll save a bundle and yet sit at the outdoor patio watching the world go by like a true Parisien.

Enjoy the Champs-Elysee but resist the shopping

Most French assert that the Champs-Elysee is the most wonderful avenue on earth, and also they may not be wrong. But the once romatic cafes and shops that once lined this most frenchified of avenues has been replaced by choking car exhaust fumes and tourist-trap cafes and dining places along with surly staff and the ubiquitous international chain stores.

If you wish to check out the places where the city’s wealthy and glam do their shopping, puppy nip over from the Champs to the Avenue Montaigne. Top design houses from Chanel to Dior have their internationally renowned boutiques right here. That’s really where the true Parisien ladies and rich and famous with their own coiffed pooches hang out and have lunch! THE END

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