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Save Money With Travel Cards - Spend Like A Hacker!

By Art Robinson, Contributing Editor

Travel Hacks To Save You Money

We’re travel nerds. We love using technology to travel better.

If you want to save money, time, and hassle on your next trip, you’re in the right place.

Travel hacking takes many forms. To us, travel hacking means breaking the mold of full-priced flights and generic hotels to have a better experience for less money.

Travel hacking can include:

  • Using the right sites and apps to find dirt cheap flights

  • Racking up thousands of frequent flyer miles by signing up for a credit card

  • Staying somewhere other than a hotel to get a better place for less money

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There are tons of insider tips and tricks that can help you get not only the best deals, but the most money in your pocket by doing the same things you’ve been doing all along! You can buy the same food and clothes, but by making those purchases on the right kind of card, you will be earning miles and travel perks without breaking a sweat!

Why Your Credit Cards Matter


Once you have the right cards, you want to do everything you can to put all your spending on them. If you need to reach the minimum spend required for the signup bonus, or if you just want to earn more miles and points for an award, here are a few strategies.

  • Prepay expenses whenever possible

  • Buy gift cards (especially when you can earn extra miles for them)

  • Consider “manufactured spend,” where you essentially churn money by purchasing debit cards, depositing the funds back into your bank account and paying off the charge

One time I rented out the Oregon Zoo for the largest charge I’ve ever placed on a card … but you may not be able to replicate that one.

Looking for international cards? There aren’t as many, but you still have some options.

Looking for debit cards? Again, there aren’t many—but the Suntrust Delta SkyMiles card is probably the best.


A few cards offer added perks that help with elite status.

  • Free lounge passes from Chase Ink Plus

  • Free Gold status with Hilton from the Citi Hilton card

  • Free Platinum status with Hyatt from the Hyatt Visa

  • Free Starwood Gold status and Centurion Lounge Access(!) from AmEx Platinum

  • 2 Stay Credits toward Elite Status from both the Starwood Preferred Guest Personal and Business cards (4 total)

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What perks have you gotten from your travel cards? What trip do you dream of taking once you get enough points?

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