Travel Secrets

Saving big on Travel!

By Art Robinson, Contributing Editor

Here are some really easy ways to save on your next holiday travel.

We’re going to show you some ways to save you some dollars when booking your next holiday break. Remember how you felt when you’ve taken trips all around the world and missed giant opportunities for money savings that were all around you. If only you had just taken some time to do a little more research.

Well, the travel research has been done for you. All you’ve got to do is to keep on reading. Before long, you will be taking the beach holiday of your life, for a steeply reduced price!

Every time you bought something or engaged a service like hailing a taxi, you were never sure whether you’ve going to be fleeced or taken to the cleaners. Remember the sinking feeling whenever you relized tht you’d paid more than you should? Is there a cheaper and just as efficient alternative?

How often have you wished that you had local knowledge – the kind of knowledge that would enable you to travel like a local? Well, you can try a site like Travelaureate as it focuses on uncovering little known travel secrets. That means also real bargains can also be found on this site with the hotels, flights, cruises, car rental and vacation packages available on the site! I’ve recently booked a 5 star hotel in Hangzhou, China called the Rejing Hotel for US$29 a night when every other site had been touting it for a supposed real bargain of $49 a night!

There’s also Ebay. It has a flourishing market for timeshare prospects. Ebay is an auction, and the best price wins typically. Oftentimes, people who own Timeshare property cannot make it and they do sell their time slot on Ebay.

Guess what? Expedia and Orbitz appear like they’re juggernauts of web travel and they control plenty of the market. Don’t tell anybody, but from what we have heard JetBlue is meant to have very pleasant seats and monitors on new planes with truly good costs. We haven’t used JetBlue ourselves yet, but it is supposed to be good (particularly at delivering good price on Northeast to Florida routes).

If you’re traveling to Asia, try Air Asia, but do watch out for the extras when you book. This tip alone could save you some USD while getting you a very nice flight.

Finally, there’s a stunning beach state found not too far away from anybody east of the Mississippi. Florida is back and its beaches are wonderful. There’s been lots of development of Florida in the last fifty years, but Florida is still a great state with lots of unexplored beaches. The state of Florida can be great if you are certain where to look. Trust us the unexplored spots of Florida can truly be something else. But they’re getting more and more tricky to find as legions of people move to Florida each month. THE END

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