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Take advantage of hidden Hotel Deals in Las Vegas

By Olivia Poole, Contributing Editor

For many people a trip to Vegas is the trip of a lifetime. No matter how short of a trip it is however, this is one of those trips that can always end up being expensive. One way to cut down the costs and keep more money in your pockets for the casinos is to find a great deal on your accommodation. It can be reassuring to know that there are many Vegas hotel deals to be found if you look in the right places.

Check for Deals Online

These days one of the first things to do when looking for anything, including Vegas hotel deals, is to check online. Here you have sites such as that will be able to give a quick look at all the latest deals available. You may find a few suitable deals here or you could simply uncover a few of the lesser known hotels in Vegas.

Don’t pay too much attention to the Stars

The star rating of a hotel has become the universal sign for how good a hotel is and whether it is worth staying. This is also usually a good indication of how expensive a hotel is too. There are some great Vegas hotel deals to be found amongst those hotels that are only able to claim two or three stars. Many of them will still offer a clean environment, friendly staff, and comfortable rooms at a fraction of the price of the more well-known hotels.

Go in a Group

A group trip to Vegas does come with some risks if the popular comedy movie “The Hangover” is anything to go by. The good thing is that if you book your accommodation as a group you are much more likely to get a discount on the group booking. This could mean that your combined budgets could stretch to one of the more famous hotels such as the Caesar’s Palace Resort or the Palazzo Resort Hotel. THE END

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