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Tips For Traveling Abroad

By Tom Everett, Editor

Are you planning a trip abroad and want to be able to use your phone, but worried about excess charges? If you are looking for a way to unlock your phone but not sure if it’s something you want to do, we can help. Here are a few reasons you should unlock your phone when you’re traveling abroad. 

How to Unlock Your Phone For Traveling Abroad

Nobody likes surprise charges on their cell phone bills when they return home from vacation. While there are ways to use your iPhone or any smartphone for free while you travel it does come with some limitations.

This is why you should consider unlocking your phone when you travel. This is simply giving your phone the ability to work with other SIM cards on other carriers.

Local SIM cards are cheap and easily available online or on arrival in a new city. Most of the world is able to swap SIM cards as they please, but we are locked into one carrier.

Why Should You Unlock Your Phone?

  • Avoid roaming charges when you travel

  • Use any carrier or network and keep your own

  • Resell it unlocked for use with other carriers

  • It is perfectly legal

  • You are free to use any SIM card in any country in the world

It’s easy to unlock your phone with UnlockBase. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to unlock your phone for traveling abroad.

  • Step 1: Choose your manufacturer

  • Step 2: Choose Your Model

  • Step 3: Enter Network Country and Carrier

  • Step 4: Enter Additional Details and Order

  •  Step 5: Unlock Your Phone

How to Unlock Your Phone For Traveling Abroad

Looking for a way to avoid flight delays when you’re traveling? Sometimes the most stressful part of traveling is getting from point A to point B. By knowing when to fly, and when not to fly, you’ll save yourself time, energy, and stress. And you’ll get to your destination on time!

How to Avoid Flight Delays

Traveling is already stressful and time consuming. The last thing we need is a canceled or delayed flight. Some days of the week have fewer delays than others.

TelephoneThe time of day even plays a factor into delayed flights.

If you want the best chance of departing on time be sure to follow these rules from AirHelp.

Curious about the best day to fly? Even though most people have heard that the worst time to fly is over the weekend, it turns that Saturday is actually the best day to fly. Why, you might ask? Because Saturday is the day with the fewest delays, on average.

According to AirHelp flights are delayed 18.11 percent on a Saturday. Compare that to 29.47 percent on Friday.

Want to know when’s the best time to fly if you want to avoid delays?

Flying in the morning is the best time to fly to avoid delays. Afternoon and evenings are the worst time to fly.

The majority of delays you’ll have to deal with will happen in the afternoon or evening. 

And if your flight is delayed in the morning you have a better chance of departing on the same day than with an evening departure.

Take a look at the infographic below for a little more information on avoiding flight delays. to Avoid Flight Delays

Do you have any tips for traveling newbies? What are some of the things you’ve learned on your travels?

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