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Tips for traveling with a baby

By Cory Everett, Features Editor

Just because you have become a parent doesn’t mean that your travelling has become a thing of the past. You will certainly have to reconsider the way you travel and how you usually pass your time on vacation, but these days there is nothing to stop you heading off to foreign lands with baby in tow. Here are some quick travelling tips for when you just have to get away.

Look for Family Friendly Destinations

There are some destinations which are known for being a tourist hotspot and will more than likely be overcrowded and noisy. Heading to such destinations with a small child will have many challenges so it is better to opt for destinations such as lazy beach resorts, nature resorts, or family camps. You will often find accommodation at these places that will let your child stay for free in your room, and it is a great way to meet other people who have the same idea as you.

Have Goody Bag at The Ready

Travelling can be frustrating for us as adults and it affects small children too. One way to pacify the little one when they start to become restless is by passing some tasty treats their way. Rather than having to find a shop every time, it is much better to take a goody bag along with you on your trip so that you have the necessary items at the ready as and when you need them.

Talk to the Airline

If you are flying be sure to ask certain pertinent questions of the airline before the date of the flight so that you can ensure you and baby will be well accommodated. Some of the more important questions to ask include queries about any pre-boarding arrangements for those with babies, a baby bassinet, on-board diaper changing facilities, and if the airline is suitably equipped to heat baby bottles etc during the flight. THE END

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