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Top Tips For The Busy Traveler

By Tom Everett, Editor

When a busy lifestyle combines with a busy lifestyle there is always the potential for disaster. Missed flights, extra expenses, and postponed meetings are just some of the common occurrences in the life of a busy traveler. Addressing the everyday issues that keep you busy may take a little more time, but these quick tips will help to address one issue and that’s catching your flight on time.

Always Travel Light

Wherever possible you try to travel as light as possible. This means taking nothing more than a briefcase, or a handbag. Not only will this save you money on potential baggage fees, but you will be able to whiz through security and check-in. This is especially handy if you are slightly late from having to take care of something else.

Dress Down

It is a good idea to go to the airport prepared for the impending security rub down. Try not to wear too much metal, or jewelry that will cause delays as you repeatedly set off the alarm and the search has to begin again from the top. You should also wear simple clothing that can be easily searched so that you can get that over with in record time.

Grab A Seat At The Front

When you book your tickets it is often possible to reserve a preferred seat for the flight. Choose one near the front by the doors, which will enable you to get off the plane first when it touches down at your destination, rather than having to impatiently wait while everyone slowly shuffles out in front of you.

Delays at the airport should always be expected and there is very little you can do about that. Early morning travel is the best time to avoid the delays, but if they do occur then you can use this time to sort out your overly busy life. THE END

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