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Top Tips for uncovering the Best Hotel Deals!

By Art Robinson, Contributing Editor

The desire to find good hotel deals is now greater than ever. Everyone knows that any savings that can be made on the accommodation can make a big difference to the overall holiday. Depending on the type of holiday you are hoping to have, and who you are traveling with, there are some fantastic deals to found on accommodation if you take a little time to consider the options.

New Hotels

If you can take the time to do a little background research on a selection of hotels at your destination then you could uncover a few money saving gems. New hotels will often price very competitively and offer more deals to attract customers. If you can find new hotels you are more likely to benefit from the deals that they are putting out to tempt you in. Going into a site like Travelaureate, which focuses on uncovering little known travel secrets, can be helpful. For instance, I recently booked a room at a new 5 star hotel in Hangzhou, China for $29 per night on Travelaureate when virtually every other travel site was heavily advertising it for $49 per night!

Hostel Private Rooms

Hostels often get a bad reputation because they are synonymous with students and shady individuals. There are some really good ones available however, which are clean, spacious and functional. Some will offer large family rooms too, which are a fraction of the price of a hotel. The hostel environment is also a social one so it is a great place to meet new people.

Walk-in in the evening and Negotiate

If you can take the risk of waiting until you arrive at your destination before booking your accommodation you could negotiate yourself some good hotel deals. The evening is the best time to negotiate with the staff on the front desk as any rooms free at this time is likely to go empty overnight unless they get someone in. This will work to your advantage and help you to negotiate a better deal.

Sometimes getting better hotel deals will require some unconventional methods and a little work, but the rewards in the end will certainly help you to sleep better at night. THE END

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