Travel Secrets

Top Travel Secrets

By Art Robinson, Contributing Editor

Travelling frequently is not without its challenges. High hotel and airline fees, keeping important documents like passports safe, and navigating language barriers are just some of the more common challenges faced when traveling the world. There is a certain art to uncovering the best flight deals and the cheapest, safest hotels. Here, in Part 1 are a few little known tips to help you master that art.

Getting a Room in the Popular Hotels

If you wanted to stay in a particular hotel but have been told that they are fully booked, a little patience may bring some reward. Find out what time cancellation penalties kick in on the day that you wanted to check in. Make a phone call to the hotel in the morning of that day and you will have the opportunity to grab a room that has been cancelled by someone else.

Stashing a copy of your Passport

Travellers can run into a whole world of problems if they lose their passport while abroad. This is why it is a good idea to carry a copy of your passport with you at all times. The best place to stash the copy of your passport is in your carry on bag, nice and safe and ready to come to the rescue if the unfortunate happens.

Selecting the Perfect Guide

There are hundreds of written guides for countries all over the world, some very good and others not so. To get the best from a guide you should choose ones that are specific to the actual city or cities that you are visiting rather than the country. This will give you more in-depth information and reveal things and places that only the locals are privy to.

Mastering the art of traveling will have lots of benefits. You will be able to travel safer, save some money, and discover aspects of other countries that ordinary tourists just don’t get to see.

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