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Travel Secret: 1 Euro Monaco-Nice bus ride!

By Sandy Hamilton, Contributing Editor

Here’s the best kept secret in world travel. You can travel the French Riviera or the Cote d’ Azur by bus at just 1 Euro. Serious!

Isn’t it wonderful to be armed with “local knowledge” when you travel? One of the worst feelings when you are traveling is the feeling of uncertainty as to whether you are overpaying for something that the locals freely avail themselves of.

Remember the sinking feeling deep in your stomach when you cough up, say 45 Euros for a Hop-on-Hop-off-Bus only to discover at the end of the journey that a local bus is running virtually the same route for a fraction of that price!

With Travelaureate, you are now equipped to travel like a local for the site focuses on unearthing little known travel secrets such as this.

Now, thanks to the Ligne d’Azur bus you can hobnob from Monte Carlo or Monaco in the French Riviera to Nice and take in Cannes in the process. The 1 Euro price is on a per trip basis.

The bus that I took was the #100 bus which is fondly called the Monaco Express by seasoned travellers. Wait at one of the bus stops in Monaco with the 100 logo and get on the #100 bus when it arrives…usually every 15 minutes during peak hours. You can get off at the Gare Routiere central bus station in Nice like I did. The buses are not the rickety old boneshakers you’d expect for such a price but modern air conditioned express buses with large picture windows that you’d see all over Europe. The best part is that you do not need to purchase tickets in advance. Just pay on the bus and you’re ready to go anywhere on the bus route from Juan les Pins to Cape d’Antibes to Antibes right up to the lavender scented Giot! You can check out bus schedules on the Lignes d’Azur website.

Getting from Nice to the airport

If you happen to be in Nice and want to get to the airport, another popular bus route is the 98 bus which goes to the airport. It is a “special fare” bus – all travellers must purchase a 4€ “all-day” bus pass. This works out well if you’re just arriving in Nice, but not so well if you’re going to the airport to leave.

The bus makes a number of stops along the main promenade – just look for a bus stop with the “98” logo, and you will know you’re in the right place.

Unlike most buses, the 98 bus only allows people to get off at the airport terminals (it stops at both 1 and 2, and the car parking lot). People can get on at any stop along the way, but they must take the bus all the way to the airport. This system is reversed when leaving the airport – people can get off at any stop along the way, but no more passengers are allowed on. THE END

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