Travel Secrets

Travel Secrets: Cheap flight booking tricks

By Art Robinson, Contributing Editor

Travelers are faced with some the highest long-haul airfares ever, and now more than ever it is important to wear your “bargain hunter” hat. What it does involve is a little extra diligence in order to sniff out the cheap travel deals, and they are out there.

2 better than 1

A 30% discount on a family trip to somewhere in Europe could be quite a significant saving, but it is not always easy to obtain these savings. When it comes to buying air tickets it is often better to buy two tickets rather than one. Separate airlines will often have individual offers at a particular time, this means that it is possible to pair two tickets that are discounted and create your own flight itinerary, which will work out cheaper than buying one direct ticket.

Of course there are trade-offs to be had with this method, such as the possibility of having to re-check your luggage, or maybe stopping over in a particular connecting city, but these are often offset by the huge savings you will have on the overall fare. These days it is also possible to find a good selection of cheap hotels in most cities, so you get the bonus of a side trip.

Take the time to search

You have to be prepared to search for these ultra-cheap fares though because the carriers do not usually widely publicize these offers. The offers are not intended to be a large scale fare sale, which would trigger fare cutting by competitors. These offers are generally reserved for particular cities where the carrier is trying to build a reputation. The benefit to of this is that for travelers who are willing to take the time to search for these can save hundreds of dollars and bag some great travel deals.

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