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Vacation Ideas for the Beach & Sea

By Art Robinson, Contributing Editor

Take A Trip To Magens Bay Beach

Planning a trip to St. Thomas but not sure what to do? Why not try Magens Bay Beach? If you’re wondering what the best attractions are, take a look at this first-hand account to see why it may be the perfect place for your next vacation.

Charlotte Amalie in the U.S. Virgin Islands is an extremely popular cruise ship port-of-call and there is no shortage of visitors here. One of the most popular St. Thomas activities is a visit to one of the many beaches on the island – and no beach is more beautiful or popular than the Magens Bay Beach. Magens Bay is an adventure in paradise!

The drive along the entire Skyline Drive road (Route 40) offers stunning views of the island. From the scenic overlook (i.e., small parking lot) there are amazing views looking south to Charlotte Amelia and Crown Bay.

On the day we made the drive, there were four different cruise ships in port. It’s hard to see how the island can support that many visitors, but we didn’t experience a lot of overcrowding on our trip. Continuing on Skyline Drive, the viewpoint at Drake’s Seat offers amazing views of Magens Bay, the other Virgin Islands and the Atlantic Ocean to the north.

The real goal of our St. Thomas excursion was to soak up some sun on the beach: Magens Bay Beach. This nearly one-mile long white sandy beach is one of the nicest in the world.

We spent over three hours lounging in the sun, swimming in the ocean and watching the pelican dive-bomb small schools of fish in the shallow water. We drank tropical island drinks and got a little too much sun. It was perfect in every way!

- via Travel Addicts

Chesapeake Bay Night Races

If you own a schooner and are looking for a great place to take it out, head on over to the Chesapeake Bay. Take part in the weekly sailboat races to earn yourself some bragging rights.


“Jibe. Jibe. Jibe. Jibe. Watch your head. Jibe…Ok, great. We’re probably going to tack again in a few minutes. Keep an eye on them!”

Captain Jen’s directions flew over the heads of the passengers to the crew as the sails filled with warm August breeze, and our schooner, Woodwind II, picked up a little more speed.

Even as the faint colors of sunset began to appear on the horizon, the day’s heat still hung heavy on the Chesapeake Bay. On shore, people were beginning to wind down their day, but our excitement was just beginning.

It happens this way every Wednesday in the summer in Annapolis, Maryland. In the late afternoon, over 100 yachts flood into the bay, preparing for the races. At 6:00pm near the mouth of Spa Creek, the first race begins.

On the water, on the nearby Spa Creek drawbridge, and at various points along the bay, spectators gather to watch the competitions.

Every few minutes, different classes of boats take off in their respective fights for the bragging rights for the next week.

– via Travel Addicts

Have you ever been to Magens Bay Beach on St. Thomas? What about schooner racing at the Chesapeake Bay? What are some of your favorite memories from beach or sailing vacations?

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