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Why Train Travel Can be a Great Option!

By Tom Everett, Editor

Trains are not always the first option that spring to mind when we decide to take a trip, but they are fast becoming a viable option, particularly for short domestic trips. Train travel can be a great option for the budget-conscious traveller but there are many other reasons why taking the train should be one of your top considerations.

• Take more with you

Travelling with baggage has become an expensive part of travelling on planes, and because each airline has different policies it can also be quite confusing. Train travel on the other hand is a little simpler and in most cases you can carry a lot more luggage without incurring additional charges. If you consider taking 200lbs of baggage, as well as your personal items onto a plane you can expect to pay a small fortune. That is all included in the price of a train ticket.

• The scenic view

There is something quite relaxing and tranquil about travelling on the train. Trains often have bigger seats and more legroom. The large windows mean that you can watch as the train wizzes past some often very scenic parts of the country. A trip of this sort can certainly be considered as an adventure in itself and can really help to get you in the vacation frame of mind.

• Eco-friendly

There is very little doubt that we all need to play our part in reducing harmful emissions that threaten the earth. Trains are one of the most eco-friendly travel options available as the emissions from them are far less damaging than that of cars of planes. If the relatively lower cost of travel, ability to relax in more comfortable surroundings, and the promise of hassle-free travel isn’t enough to tempt you into train travel then the fact that more train travel will help you reduce your carbon footprint should do it. THE END

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